Friday, July 8, 2011

Badass Biscuit Cakes!

Ironman Cake
So it is tradition amoung my friends to make each other birthday cakes which are somehow related to the individual. We had a bit of a dilemma for two of the cakes as they were needed while we were staying down the country. We wouldn't have the time or the privacy (the cakes are surprises)  to make them while away and a 5hour car journey in the summer would ruin most cakes and soft icing. So the solution was to make biscuit cakes! However, we aren't ones for normal cakes so off we went to Lidl and raided the chocolate aisle. The contents of the cakes were Malteasers, Crunchie, Kinder Chocolate (those little bars), Twix, marshmallows, Mars Bars and Rice Crispies, just to name a few.

We made one cake using golden syrup and butter melted with milk chocolate and the other with condensed milk mixed with melted milk chocolate. The conclusion was that the golden syrup and butter combination set better than the condensed milk with made a very heavy cake. The bars of chocolate and marshmallows etc. were chopped into bite size pieces and then stirred into the mixtures. 

Charizard Pokemon Cake
The first cake was a Ironman head. Unfortunately, we didn't fully account for how much compaction would be required and therefore the proportions aren't quite right. The cake was formed simply by lining two saucepans with cling film and filling them up in layers while compacting with the bottom of a glass. The bases were put in the fridge and allowed to cool. The icing for the Ironman cake was from a packet of Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Coloured Icing which is hard to find but most Tesco Stores seem to have it. The candles got out of control though!

Nom, Nom, NOM!
The second cake was not as successful. It was meant to be a mosaic of the Pokemon Charizard made from Smarties. (My friends and I are definitely of the Pokemon generation sure just look at our Costumes) The cake kind of worked but was very rough around the edges literally. The base was moulded in two small but deep oven trays also lined with cling film. Then chocolate was poured on top of the two bases while the lay side by side in order to form a smooth surface. This didn't really work since we didn't have enough chocolate and it split in the middle during travel.

To form the mosaic a picture of Charizard was printed to the scale we wanted it and the smarties laid out on top of it. Then the smarties were painstakingly transferred to the cake. The head did not really work as we didn't have the 'resolution' we needed for the detail. Finally the candles were arranged as the fire coming from his mouth and tail. There was about 30 candles but 50 would of been more effective. It still tasted good! As you can see from the photo of everyone enjoying it. Shame they didn't get to try my Marshmallows!

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