Friday, July 8, 2011

Pokemon Party!

Close up of Tokapi Pokemon
Some photos of costumes from my recent Pokemon Party! In addition to the other posts showing Pokemon costumes (OddishBlubasaurSquirtle)  here are a few of the other highlights. Slowbro simply wore a pink rain jacket with the hood up which a cardboard snout and paper eyes. The tail was also made of corrugated cardboard slotted together in a cross shape and then wrapped in tinfoil. it is held on with a belt.
Slowbro, Pokemon Costume
Misty, Metapod, Oddish and Slowbro Pokemon Costumes
Metapod (above centre) was an excellent costume due to its simplicity. A green morph suit with paper eyes stuck on. Below is an example of an extremely last minute and more relaxed costume in the form of Likitung. Its interpretation requires a bit of imagination. Beside Likitung is Ash. Once again a simple but effect costume. A piece of white paper stuck onto a Super Mario hat.

Likitung and Ash Pokemon Costumes
Misty vs. Misty and Tokapi Pokemon Costumes
There were two Mistys on the night both in similar attire. One with ribbon as braces and the other with knitted braces. However, one of the Mistys went to the added trouble of KNITTING a Tokapie and then putting him in a paper mache shell. Sheer dedication. Below you will find James from Team Rocket. Simply printed and cut out the letter R. The wig wasn't very good but it was quick and cheap. Two A4 pages printed blue and cut into strips to form the wig. 

James from Team Rocket, Pokemon Costume

Alakazam Pokecard, Pokemon Costume
A nice swing on the concept of a Pokemon party was the arrival of a Pokecard also made at very short notice. Below is Charizard. Originally starting off as Charmader, this Pokemon evolved by adding wings made from coat hangers and crepe paper, toilet roll horns and balloons to its tail to represent fire. An excellent touch. Below that again you will see Prof. Oak and an 2D costume of Koffing which also had a back. The straps on Koffing were simply Duct tape.

Charizard, Pokemon Costume

Prof. Oak, his Pokedex and Koffing, Pokemon Costumes

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