Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Stretcher Race Time!

The Alice and Wonderland Stretcher complete with Real Buns

The stretcher race is a annual fancy dress race around the streets of Dublin by the students of UCD Engineering. The concept is that each team must have a theme and carry one member on a stretcher which fits in with the theme. Since it is for charity and everyone just wants to have fun the rules aren't really enforced. Some teams don't carry people on their stretcher, some teams have wheels on theirs or in some cases the team doesn't have any stretcher at all! Since I was not involved in the creation of the costumes I am merely posting some of the best I've seen from over the years. Unfortunately I don't have photos to hand of two of the best teams which were the Tetris Blocks which formed a wall and the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team complete with bobsleigh. Also check out the video I made about the 2011 race.

EngDay Stretcher Race Video 2011
Thomas the Tank Engine Group Costume with a Piece of Track as their Stretcher

Four Poofs and a Piano from the Jonathan Ross Show
Not a great photo of the Poofs since one of them isn't even there. However 'Jonathan Ross' is on the extreme right and yours truly looking silly on the extreme left. These guys are known for going the extra mile when it comes to detail. The piano was made out of plywood (I think) and mounted on a shopping trolley. Another team who put alot of effort into their stretcher was the Thunderbirds team. Their stretcher was extremely well finished and even had lights. The photo does not do it justice. 

Thunderbirds Group Costume
Animaniacs Group Costume 

The Spice Girls Group Costume

Baby Group Costume

Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

Another Alice in Wonderland Group Costume
Deadmau5 Group Costume
Pacman Group Costume

Monty Python Knights of the Round Table Group Costume

Lil Bo Peep Group Costume

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Group Costume

Roman Soldiers Group Costume 

'LADS' Group Costume

Matadors Group Costume including Two Caged Bulls

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