Friday, July 8, 2011

Tasty Summer Treats!

It is summer time and that means everyone wants light tasty treats packed full of fruit as opposed to rich tasty Biscuit Cake. First up is a strawberry and blueberry roulade. I used the following  Mary Berry Strawberry Roulade Recipe. However, I did not use any almonds or greek yogurt and I added blueberries. The strawberries and blueberries were fresh and locally grown which made for a very tasty treat. It was my first time making a pavlova mixture and I was quite happy with the results. The recipe was excellent and very clear. As you can see the pavlova cracked in places as it was too deep for rolling. This happened because the oven I was using didn't fit a normal size baking tray and I had to use a smaller one! I also over did the filling from an aesthetic point of view but no one complained about the taste.

Strawberry and Blueberry Roulade
Stork Perfect for Cakes

 I am always making strange cupcakes and cakes so I decided for once to make a simple fairy cake... well sort of. I used this recipe by Delia Smith, All in One Sponge Video which I simply spooned into bun cases instead. You need to reduce the baking time by about 5mins for buns instead of a cake.  It is best to use a soft butter that comes in a tub such as Stork Perfect for cakes which is available in the UK and Ireland. Since I did not have any of this butter I used Stork Perfect for Pastry Butter which is also soft but resulted in a more crispier than fluffy sponge as you can see from the photo. This meant that it was difficult to cut the top off the bun and make the traditional fairy cake wings. Therefore I scooped out a circle in the middle carefully so as not to break it up. Dropped in half a teaspoon of raspberry jam followed by a desert spoon of cream. Then I placed the removed sponge back on top and placed half a homegrown raspberry on top.

Raspberry and Cream Fairy Cake
Finally, maybe not quite a summer treat as these pancakes were quite thick for Irish standards and not anywhere near as thin as a crepe would be. However, they were scrumptious and a good alternative to a heavy fry for breakfast on a busy day. They are smaller than usual as the only non-stick pan left in my student house was for frying eggs but I think it was a nice touch. The shapes were cut out using cookie cutters.

The pink sugar was left over from a previous baking experience. I made it by placing ONE drop of red food colouring in a bowl and adding sugar until the desired colour was achieved. It is not uniform in colour at first due to the food colouring clumping together but if you pass it through a sieve the clumps will be removed. Be warned, you need alot of sugar to make it pink, the food colouring goes a long way. It may even be up to 500g! However, I've just been using the sugar as normal in other cakes and it has not effected the colour. Though pancakes take awhile to make and cook they are worth it. Other topping that we had were the traditional lemon and icing sugar, chocolate spread, golden syrup and bananas. Yum. Keeping on the theme of light treats this summer I also made Marshmallows!

Pankcake with Pink Sugar
Pancakes with Chocolate Spread

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