Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chocolate Fondant!

One of My Many Chocolate Fondants

I love chocolate fondant. I first came across it on a wonderful trip to West Cork with my sister and her husband. We tasted lots of wonderful desserts on this trip but the fondant was by far the best. We found the restaurant by chance up a little lane in Baltimore. It is now called The Mews but I don't remember what it was called when we visited it in 2008. Since I don't have any pretty ramekins or cups I make my fondants in a plastic cases that M&S chocolate fondants come in. (Yes I love it so much I've a collection of cases from M&S) Just grease the cases and dust them with cocoa and the fondant would pop right out onto a plate but they do look much nicer in cappuccino cups. 

My Sister and I Enjoying our Dessert in Baltimore
For those of you that don't know chocolate fondants are like chocolate pudding but much more fluid in the inside and crispy on the outside. Therefore cooking them at a low heat and keeping an eye on them is essential. Nothing worse than cooking them through. The whole point is to break them open and let the chocolate flow out. I find this recipe by Gordon Ramsay  excellent and wouldn't change a thing. To add to the chocolate indulgence some people suggest putting a square of un melted chocolate in the middle of each fondant but I haven't noticed much difference and therefore don't bother. However I do like putting truffles in the centre especially white chocolate ones as this is an extra surprise when you open it up. I've varied the flavour with some essence every now and then but plain old dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream is simply the best. Even better than Biscuit Cake!

Another Tasty Dessert from Co. Cork

You Can't Beat Apple Pie, Co. Cork

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