Friday, July 8, 2011

Why so Gloom Oddish?

This was a last minute costume which shows it is never too late to put a costume together. Oddish's head piece is made from one A1 sheet of green slightly stiff card. Firstly a loop of card that acted as a head band was constructed and then the leaves were attached. The back of the leaves were stiffened with strips of corrugated cardboard but as you can see some of them fell over anyway. As there was no time to wait for glue to dry the whole head piece was assembled using a standard office stapler. A black line was drawn down the middle of each leaf to make it look more 'realistic'.

Oddish Pokemon Costume
Gloom worked out suprisinly well. The red leaves were again made from one A1 sheet of slightly stiff card. They were stapled together The flower was made from 4 red balloons half inflated and with white paper circles stuck on with glue and one barely inflated yellow balloon. The balloons were tied together with string that was then sellotaped to the red paper. Due to the presence of the balloons no attachment was required as the static between the hair and the balloons did the trick. The mouth was simply lipstick adn white facepaint. It was important to have the right facial expression for Gloom!

Gloom Pokemon Costume
Finally, along came Vileplume. This was a tricky costume. Originally, a large flower made of corrugated cardboard (old IKEA box) covered in red fabric was constructed but despite adding extra stiffeners the flower was too heavy and collapsed under its own self weight. The fabric also looked pretty rubbish since there was no time to do a neat sewing job. So the fabric was removed and the petals reduced in size considerably and covered in pink wrapping paper with white paper circles stuck on. The centre of the flower was simple a white paper circle. The flower was attached to a plastic hair band but this didnt last too long as the flower was still very heavy. The flower was finally attached using sellotape wrapped around the head which is not advisable! There was also another far more sensible Vileplume present wearing a small neat sown flower and purple gloves. Not a patch on Blubasaur!

The battle of the Vileplumes: Pokemon Costumes!

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